Thereafter: sophisticated art dealer, haunted by her nighmares, crosses paths with a ritual murderer’s journey to the afterlife to save his mother. 

Thereafter's universe has no connection to any specific place or time; it is a modern-day mythological thriller.

Natalie Wainwright, the protagonist, is a hip art dealer, renowned for her visual intelligence at staging avant-garde art shows for macabre artists. Her determination to be successful in the male-dominated art world is her way of acquiring strength and overcoming the sexual abuse she has endured as a young girl. One night, in her dreams, she crosses paths with a ritual murderer's journey to the afterlife to save his mother, which changes her life forever.


Theme: A woman faces her abused past and emerges from the victim role as a person who willing to fight back. Her strength comes from understanding, compassion, and the ability to help others, even when she needs help. In the end, she stands up for all women and all abused people, so she saves herself.

In sum, given the current popularity of dramatic thriller films, and the social #Times Up and #Me Too movements, Thereafter is poised perfectly to be marketed as a stylish modern-day mythological thriller with a common cause - fight against physical and sexual abuse towards women and children.